Grand Royal ceramic tiles company is the paragon example of excellent quality tiles with competitive pricing. We believe that perfection is more than just the production of artful and reliable tiles, but also in producing and distributing them at the best and most reasonable pricing in the market. For us it is not a myth that quality and competitive pricing must go hand in hand; this is our fundamental philosophy.


Grand Royal is produced by PT Indopenta Sakti Teguh, which was firmly established in 1990 as a family-owned business. The three visionary siblings who founded the company have long been aware of the two issues that matter the most for their customers: quality and price. Thus Grand Royal has always focused to direct all of its strategy, resources, techniques, operations and production to maintain a high standard in quality while still being able to sell at an attractive price.


As our tiles have solidly withstood the rigors of time, so has our company proven its mettle. Our company remains strong and is on a positive growing trend. We have withstood through the catastrophic global economic crisis in 1997-1998, which was a difficult time also for all of Indonesia. Not only did we survive while other companies - including those in the same industry as ours - collapsed but we flourished up to today.


Again we attribute our success and survival to our philosophy of quality with reasonable pricing. With over two decades of tile-making experience, PT Indopenta Sakti Teguh has employed highly-skilled experts to ensure that the quality of our products is always up to a high standard but without resulting in exorbitant pricing. Our experts also ensure that the advantage of innovation is always on our side. Therefore no wonder we have been able to attract and retain a portfolio of loyal customers that continued to trust us even through difficult times till this very day.


Initially in 1990, the company's production capacity was 2.2 million square meters per year. However, as we continue to grow over time, in 1995 we have added more factories in Bogor, thus greatly increasing our production capacity to 14.5 million square meters per year. Furthermore, we are adding more and more production lines to stay ahead and keep up with growing demand. Achieving success while still being loyal to our philosophy of excellent quality at affordable price at this level requires an enormous amount time and effort, as well as capital. That is why our company will continue to adapt and innovate to ensure our competitiveness in this highly demanding market.


We are confident that PT Indopenta Sakti Teguh will keep growing in the years to come, with products that can satisfy both the Indonesian and international markets. As we strive to become the market leader in the industry, we have been innovating through extensive research and development, and utilizing state of the art technology in our factories, while still conforming to the highest quality standards.